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Five Rules for all Games

Game instruction only for Birthday game:
1. With the relativity of the game and objects, the main player maintains his relationship and rhythm with objects and persons from his surroundings.

A set of a one-room apartment is on the stage. In the middle of the apartment stands a dinig-room table. Deep down in the centre of the stage are entrance door, and appropriate furniture is placed  around the table. Some of the objects on the stage can be presented by their own representation and/or painting on canvas in real size.  
Lights above the observers who take their seats are turned off, while simultaneously faint basic stage light is turned on. At one side of the stage a figure sleeps fidgeting restlessly in the bed. At the moment when the stage is fully lit, the character wakes up with a start  and sits upright on the bed. He reclines with a sigh. He gets up grimly and sluggishly. Stretching, washing, dressing. While he is dressing his mother appears at the door with her friend who used to be the character's teacher. They hug him and kiss him dramatically wishing him a happy birthday. Mother gives him a handmade garment, and the teacher a candy. They force him to try their gifts. He chews the candy grimly and puts on the garment which is the wrong size.  The women laugh. The sight before their eyes reminds them what he was like as a child.  They evoke the past through effective anecdotal monologues complementing each other. While he gets ready nervously, the character tries to correct some of the facts from his own life, but they laugh wholeheartedly at his comments. The character gives up the agument and reacts to their words only with gestures. He is dressed and they go out. The women chatter merrily, while the character is grim and silent. He shuts the door and locks them from the outside. A short pause.  
Right after that, he unlocks the door and returns with his hands full of food and drink. It takes him two times to bring everything on the stage.
He arranges the helping on the table hurriedly and nervously. He runs into the bathroom. While he is bathing his jubilant firends enter with presents in their hands. Wet, wrapped in a towel, he comes out of the bathroom, receives the presents and cards. He puts the presents on the bed, takes his formal clothes and goes back to the bathroom to get dressed. The company ridicule him and pour the drinks.
New guests come in while he is in the bathroom. They put their wrapped presents on the bed. They all comment on drinks, food, their clothes and the clothes of other people, local events.

The character comes out of the bathroom formally dressed. He receives congratulations and well wishes that would bring him more happiness in life. New guests come in. Hugging, kissing, wishes, presents on the bed.
The gathered crowd begins to talk about their host's life, retell situations they shared together and comment on his behaviour in that situations. He tries to correct a few details, but they all laugh at his comments. He gives up and silently listens to stories about himself  with an uneasy smile on his face. A good atmosphere is created and small groups begin to form chatting about local circumstances in local time. They rotate around the food on the table. The character moves from one group to another. One person follows him and they begin to flirt.
Musical sound picture gradually blurs the clarity of communication between the characters on the stage.  
In time, the company dissipates. The character and his date stay. They clear up the remnants of food from the table, remove presents from the bed. There is a single unwrapped  present (an animal in a cage, or a pot with a plant, or a garden gnome...) and they put it on the table, while the other presents remain scattered around the bed. They fall into each others arms. They kiss and hurriedly take off each others clothes. The curtain is slowly falling down. All the time the intensity of the musical picture is unchangedly deafening, until the curtain touches the floor. Then it stops abruptly. The rising of the curtain takes place in silence.
They lie separatedly in bed and sleep. At the restless movements of the host the person beside him wakes up, gets up paying attention not to wake him, goes across the stage on tiptoes gathering scattered clothes, dresses quietly, does not look in the direction of the bed and sneaks out.
At the sound of the door closing the character wakes suddenly with a start and sits upright on the bed. He reclines with a sigh. He gets up grimly and sluggishly. Stretching, washing, dressing. He prepares himself a warm drink. He sits on the edge of the bed drinking from the cup pensively. He watches the stage in silence. He gets up and clears up the mess listlessly. He groups bottles, glasses, plates. He piles up the unwrapped gifts. After he has finished he sits down. He stares at one point with a blank expression, then watches the stage. He thinks. He fidgets on the chair somewhat nervously. He stands up, turns on a TV, watches one channel shortly, and then the second, the third, and so on back to the first one. He turns off the TV. He sits down and looks around himself. He stands up. He turns on a radio. He goes through radio stations. Conversation, music, news. He turns off the radio. He goes to the fridge, opens it and begins to eat, still on his feet. He stuffs food more and more nervously. He belches. He closes the fridge door. He goes to the pile of wrapped presents.  He places a chair in front of it.
He sits on the chair and opens a present from the top of the pile. He puts torn wrapping paper on one side, and, after examining it, he puts the object on the other. He repeats his movements with ever shorter examination. He just unwraps the last few presents and puts them aside right away. After the last unwrapped present, he remains in seat motionless. Suddenly he stands up and runs to the bathroom. Behind the bathroom door we can hear him vomit. It is hard and he is in pain.
    He flushes, washes his face, rinses his mouth. He comes out of the bathroom and goes to the bed. He sits on it and puts a stack of illustarted magazines piled beside the head of the bed on his lap. He riffles through the pages, and then throws the magazine on the floor. He turns the pages and throws magazines faster with increasing dissatisfaction. In a second, he takes all the magazines and throws them on the floor. He still sits with a grim expression. Then he gets up and goes to the bookshelf. After a quick glance he chooses one book. He sits on the chair and looks at the page of the open book. Moving his head slowly he follows the lines with his eyes in silence. He glides over the lines faster. He turns the page. He follows the lines with increasing nervousness. He opens a new part of the book. His eyes fly over the page and then he closes the book with a bang. He gets up and returns it on its place. He randomly picks another one. He turns the pages discontentedly while still on his feet. He throws it on the floor. He picks the next one. He turns the pages. It is on the floor even faster. After reading the title he throws the next one without opening it. Then, with his hand, he furiously pushes all the boks left on the shelf on the floor. He rips the board from the shelf the books were standing on. He looks at the board in his hands and then looks around the stage. Swinging with his both hands he scatters the wrapping paper . With a few swings the grouped gifts are turned into formless mass. He hits the TV, smashes the radio. Trembling with anger he comes closer to the dirty dishes and bottles. With several swings he turns them into a pile of broken glass. Breathless, he takes a few steps back and watches the sight he has left behind. He runs into the table with his backside. He turns around and angrily watches the only unwrapped present (an animal in a cage, or a pot with a plant, or a garden gnome...).    

Suddenly, all the lights on the stage are turned off. At the same time  two spotlights fall on the character and the only unwrapped present (an animal in a cage, or a pot with a plant, or a garden gnome...) from the same source. He stares in amazement at the sight before him. His breath is steady again. His expresion is calmer, his eyes begin to close. He slowly looks up toward the source of the light. For a moment his face is frozen in the light. He inhales forcefully through his nose, his chest expanding.
In the same slow rhythm of the falling curtain he lowers his eyes toward the only unwrapped present (an animal in a cage, or a pot with a plant, or a garden gnome...) and swings with a board above his head. Letting a scream in full voice he remains frozen in the highest point of his swing.
With a silence of curtain touching the stage steady piercing sound of the scream is interrupted.     

Five Rules for all Games