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Play Face

Five Rules for all Games

Game instructions only for Play Face game:
1. The number of interpretations is not limited, the minimum being three.
2. While changing the personality, the player does not perform interventions on his face.
3. Sound in the background is rhythmical and melodious phrase in repetitive variations.

While the observers take their seats in front of the stage, one colourfully dressed player is sitting on the stage on a simple wooden chair. He explains opening his mouth, mute, miming and gestruring.
The stage is empty and the background is neutral. The stage with the player on it is lit with two spotlights. One spotlight falls precisely above the chair, while the other falls far behind the observers's heads.

When all the observers - audience take their places a loud sound of the bass drum is heard above the sound picture. At the soud of this bang the player suddenly stands up and leaves the stage followed by the spotlight above the observers's heads. When the player has left, the spotlight panoramically glides towards the oposite end of the stage where new entrance is expected. At that exact spot the same player enters in new costume, goes to the chair and sits on it.
He presents a main character. Continuous musical picture discretely supports player's speech about the character's past, present and plans for future. Deeply engaged in his situation, he defines himself and his environment. Animating the observers he convinces them, and himself, that the path he has chosen is the right one.

The player is interrupted by the bang on the bass drum loud enough to be singled out from the sound picture. He gets up and leaves the stage followed by the spotlight. After the player has left, the spotlight, the same as previous time, panoramically glides to the place where a new character enters.
The player presents a new character on the stage. The new character has its own past, present and future. His opinions and  value judgements differ from the previous character's. The player animates the observers with the same persistance. He is interrupted the same as the previous character. Movements of the player that denote exit of one and the entrance of the other character, movement of spotlight are the same.

After the exit of the last character spotlight returns and stops at the empty chair.
Musical image conitinues.

Five Rules for all Games