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Five Rules for all Games

Game instruction only for Interview game:
1. The order of questions is not determined.

We can see a reception-room set at the stage. Stage setting of real objects can be completely replaced by their representations on canvas framing the stage. In such setting the only real objects are a table and two chairs. The palyer hurriedly arranges objects in the room, or adjusts the canvases with pictures of objects on them. He removes the extra, and tries to find an ideal place for the remainig.
Extremely long process of clearing up is interrupted by a knock on the side door or painted door. The observers can see that another player with a bag  on his shoulder stands in front of the door.

At the sound of knocking the player in the room asks agitatedly: “Who is it?“ The player in front of the door replies with dull expression and boredom in his voice, as if he has already done this a thousnad times: “Is that (local name and surname + occupation)?“ The player in the room confirmes and begins to straighten his somewhat formal clothes and hair.  
“I am from the magazine ’Personality, we have appointment to make an inteview“, says the character – the questioner in front of the door – wearily.
The player in the room, smiling affectedly, wide opens the door escorting him in the room. He shows him the place at the table in the centre of the stage. The questioner sits accepting a drink he has been offered.  While the player goes to fetch driks, the questioner looks around the room disinterestedly. The player brings a bottle and two glasses, pours drinks and looks curiously at the questioner who takes a list of questions, a tape recorder and  a camera out of his bag. Putting his equipment on the table, he announces to the player that he will ask him a series of questions, and after that take several photographs of the player in his living ambience. The player agrees and sits oposite the questioner. They make a toast and drink up.

Looking at his watch the questioner performs a sound test on the tape recorder by saying the exact time, day, month and year of the interview. After listening to the sound test he puts the tape recorder on the table, picks up the paper and asks the questions pronouncing the words articulately. He does not respond to questions and watches the player intensely all the time.
The questinos are:

•    What are the facts you claim to be true, and what are those you know to be false?
•    According to you, what is clever, and what is stupid?
•    When you look around, can you tell the difference between good and evil?
•    What is the difference betwen reason and emotions?
•    According to you, what is subjective and what is objective?
•    According to you, what it means to be fee, and what not to be free?
•    What do you consider logical, and what illogical?
•    What makes you happy, and what unhappy?
•    Where do you see order, and where disorder?
•    According to you what is fair, and what unfair?
•    How do you differ from your surroundings, and what do you have in common?
•    According to you, what is the difference between beautiful and ugly?
•    What provokes your love, and what hatred?
•    According to you, what is moral, and what immoral?
•    What is trivial, and what important?

After the last answer is given the questioner stops the tape recorder, takes the camera, stands up and makes photographs of the character with photoflash, fitting him into the ambience.
With the beginning of the photo session lights are gradually being turned off. Characters are surrounded by darkness interrupted only by the photoflash. After they leave the stage flashes of light should go on from another source.

Five Rules for all Games