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Five Rules for all Games

Game instruction only for Performance game:
1. The number of players is not limited, the minimum being three.

Preparations for a theatre play take place on the stage. Finished and unfinished stage settings, books, advertising posters, brushes, paint, various tools. Basic light for the whole scene, while relatively well organised centre part of the stage is under the spotlight.

A player with a piece of paper in his hand enters. He looks back, then looks around. He looks at the paper. He looks around again confused. He looks at the paper again. He reads aloud, word by word, to make it more clear: “Be on the stage on sunday at twelve. I need a tree. Your (local name).“ Still perplexed he looks at the paper and then pensively towards the observers. He turns his back to them and looks around the scene at scattered finished and unfinished scenery. He gets nearer to one stage setting and tries to move it.  

At that moment the second player enters with a piece of paper in his hand. They look at each other perplexed, and then look down at pieces of paper in their hands, still confused. They simultaneously read messages slowly and precisely. They begin their dialogue with introduction. They present characters and their occupations. During the conversation other players enter. Occupations of characters are different and do not have to have anything in common with stage design.

After the introduction they face a problem. What kind of tree should they make?
Of what species?
Of what age?
In which time of season?
Should this tree resemble the real one, or should it be an abstraction like a simbol?
What is the play in which it appears about?
What is its role in the play?
Will their mutual friend, the director of the play, be satisfied with this tree they make?
Why are they all invited?

In all the stages of creation through spontaneously formed conflicts and relations they try to make a tree using the material from the stage. They succeed or fail depending on spontaneously formed relations.

When the last player leaves the stage, basic light is turned off. If the tree is successfully made, the spotlight continues to light it.

Five Rules for all Games