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Five Rules for all Games

Game instructions only for Chairs game:
1. The sitting player is always in the same, loose, grey, single part costume without decorative details.
2. The end is not conditioned by planned ending and the game can be stopped at any given moment by turning off the light or dropping the curtain.

Only one vertical spotlight placed at the opposite side of the sitting figure lits the stage. The player is sitting motionless, his face turned toward the observers. He has an impersonal mask on his face, his palms are placed on his tighs, and his naked feet cling to the floor.
The player and the spotlight are surrounded by series of square openings. Using the openings as entrances/exits, characters from the living surrounding of the sitting character enter/exit the stage. The players who alternatively appear, or stay, on the stage are engaged in emotional relations that range from closeness, indifference, intolerance towards the sitting character. Immersed in mutual dialogue – monologue, they from time to time ask the mute sitting figure questions. They break the silence and project his answers creating obligatory relationship filled with their expectations. Throughout this part they all increase pressure upon the player varying their emotional preferences.
The figure sitting on the stage can, but does not have to, stand up at any given moment. At the first sign of his movement all the lights above the stage flash like stroboscope, while the players on the stage freeze with their sentences interrupted. The spotlight never flashes and maintains the same intensity throughout the game.

The player of the character stands up with great difficulty.  Trembling, he stands up slowly and shaky. Grabbing firmly the back of the chair, he goes around it insecurely. He lowers his palms from the back to the seat of the chair. Stooping, propping himself against the floor, he pushes the chair before him with great effort. Silently and slowly, he passes the small distance towards the vertical spotlight which moves towards him at the same pace. After the short, but slowly conquered path, the player of the character insecurely returns to the chair, creating a motionless figure, turning the mask toward the observers and putting his palms on his thighs.  
With his last movements the lights stop flickering, and the players on the stage resume where they stopped. Maintaining the same relatinship with the sitting character, they all pronounce their sentences more quickly in a quicker pace. Pace of the movements on the stage remains the same.
The sitting character on the stage can, but does not have to, start getting up at any given moment. At the first sign of his intention to make a movement everything is repeated. The lights flicker unevenly and the performers on the stage are motionless in frozen time. Now, his movements are more secure while he repeats the former movements with the chair. The player of the character and the spotlight get closer to each other. With the return of the character on the chair, the players of the life surrounding carry on with their movements on the stage, pronouncing the words in bursts while the rhythm is much faster than the previous time.

The character sitting on the stage can, but does not have to, begin standing up at any given moment. Flickering of light and motionless figures are the same as previous times. Pushing of the chair is now quite easy. The chair and spotlight are just one step apart. When the character sits words that the players on the stage pronounce become inarticulate. Sounds that they keep blurting out follow the tone of their varying emotional relationships with the sitting character.  
The character sitting on the stage can, but does not have to, begin standing up at any given moment. At the first sign of his standing up flicker of the light now gives rhythm to the movement of the players on the stage. Not interrupting the howling sounds they let out, they move on the stage frantically.

The upright character moves calmly toward the spotlight. As soon as he turns around everything is quiet. All the players, their voices and movements forzen, gaze at the player of the character. In silence a deep sigh of the player of the character is heard and he steps into the spotlight. At his step all lights are turned on and the spotlight merges with them. At the appearance of the light all characters surrounding the player of the character leave the stage running, squeezing through the openings.
In the silence of the empty stage the character turns toward the observers. While he takes off his mask and costume the setting with the openings vanishes from the stage. Behind the mask we see a smiling face...

Five Rules for all Games